Current Sermon Series

Sundays at 10:30 AM

Investigating Jesus

A Walk Through the Gospel of Luke

Starting December 3, 2023 we are going to begin the journey of exploring the first written Gospel account, Luke. The book is written from a skeptics standpoint for the purpose of having certainty of the faith based on the eyewitness testimony of those that were there. We are going to take our time studying the book and go chapter by chapter exploring God’s truths for us.

As we read, ask the questions: Know What? (what does this teach me to know about God and his love for me), So What? (what does this mean for my heart, life, and walk with Jesus?), Now What? (what does this lead me to pray about, think about, or change about how I am living in light of what I read because of what Christ is doing in me?).

In This Series


How do you listen? | Luke 8:1-21


A Message that… | Luke 7:18-50

Holy Week 2024- 12

The Savior I didn’t expect! | Luke 23:26-56

Holy Week 2024- 7

Maundy Thursday | How do I know?

Palm Sunday

Don’t miss the arrival of peace! | Luke 19:28-44


Mercy when life falls apart | Luke 7:1-17


Discipleship Rollout Part 2 | Luke 6:37-49


Discipleship Rollout | Luke 6:12-36