Don’t miss the arrival of peace! | Luke 19:28-44

March 24, 2024 • Pastor Kelly Huet

What happens when you miss a flight? There is some inconvenience, you might have to pay a fee, but in the long run, you end up where you are going, just a bit later. What happens if you miss peace? What happens when you seek it in the wrong places? Or worse it isn’t what you expected? Jesus explains to us this week it is much more than a simple inconvenience, or additional stress it’s life altering.

This week our journey in the Gospel of Luke jumps from chapter 7 to chapter 19, and we see Jesus entering Jerusalem as a King with pomp and circumstance. But Jesus ends the parade with tears because there are many who miss The King of Peace’s arrival in their hearts and lives. His arrival gives us a moment to reflect on what HIS PEACE means for us.

Take time to prepare by reading Luke 19:28-44

What questions come to mind?
What stands out?
What do you learn about Jesus?
What do you learn about your own heart?

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