Discipleship Rollout Part 2 | Luke 6:37-49

March 10, 2024 • Pastor Kelly Huet

This week we have some of the top Bible Stories or phrases, even people who don’t know the Bible tend to know or at least say. Maybe someone has said to you… “Who are you to judge?” Or maybe it was, “You Christians aren’t suppose to judge.” Maybe it’s the story take the plank out of your eye. This week Jesus continues to roll out what it means to be is disciple, and it isn’t quite what many think it is. It interrupts life, transforms hearts, and radically impacts the communities we live in. It isn’t behavior modification it is heart and life transformation by the good news of who he is and what he’s done.

Take time to prepare by reading Luke 6:37-49

What questions come to mind?
What stands out?
What do you learn about Jesus?
What do you learn about your own heart?

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