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Looking for answers? Have memories of going to a church as a kid for Easter? There is something about the events of Good Friday and Easter that draw our attention each year. Whether you are one who has been a life long Christian, or perhaps you are one who is just trying to understand what the Christian faith is all about, Easter is a time to get the most important message.

This year as we celebrate Good Friday (March 29) and Easter (March 31), we look at questions and insights from a first century skeptic. Luke didn't grow up with the Christian message nor in a Christian home but learned about Jesus as an adult and then dedicated his life to understading and writing about the events of Jesus' life. As a medical doctor and ancient scholar, he interviewed witnesses, talked to government officials, and then drafted an orderly history of the events, all so that you and I would have an accurate account. Jesus was so important he left everything to learn and write about him.

Join us and hear how the message of Jeuss is for you. How he has hope, peace, and joy for you today.

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Current Message Series

Investigating Jesus: The Gospel of Luke

When you don't know if you can trust the stories, the accounts of others, you seek to examine and find out if what you've learned is true. Luke, an adult convert to Christianity, is the first to research, and write an orderly account of the Life of Jesus. He writes from a skeptics standpoint, investigating for himself, and by doing so, grants us the certainty that our faith is based on the eyewitness testimony of those that were there.

We are going to take our time studying the book and go chapter by chapter exploring God’s truths for us. As we read, ask the questions: Know What? (what does this teach me to know about God and his love for me). So What? (what does this mean for my heart, life, and walk with Jesus?). Now What? (what does this lead me to pray about, think about, or change about how I am living in light of what I read because of what Christ is doing in me?).

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