How do you pray? | Luke 11.1-13

May 19, 2024 • Pastor Kelly Huet

If you could have Jesus teach you anything, what would you ask him to teach you? Following last week you might ask for mercy, or love, or grace, but when the disciples have the opportunity we only have one thing they actually ASK to be taught, how to pray? This weekend, Jesus teaches us not only what to pray, but how to go about prayer.

Thoughts to Ponder on the Lord’s Prayer
Take time this week to look at each petition of the Lord’s Prayer a bit deeper. Ponder one petition for a whole day. Find passages that help you have new appreciation for each petition of the Lord’s Prayer.

What does it mean that you get to call God Father?
Why is it important to ponder and recount his majesty as we begin?
In what ways have you not seen him as your Father?
How does Jesus help you come to him as Heavenly Father?

Describe a time this week you hallowed his name (thanks, request, trust in him).
Describe a time this week where you flippantly used his name.
How might praying Lord’s Prayer in morning help you keep his name holy through the day?

What does it look like to focus on his Kingdom today?
Where have you seen evidence of his kingdom work in your heart today?
Where is a place in your heart you need his kingdom to rule? (a place where you’ve been letting sin reign)
Who is someone that needs the Kingdom of God working in their hearts and lives?

List all the ways God has provided physically for you today?
What physical needs has he met that you didn’t realize you had until he provided for it?
How might praying the Lord’s Prayer in the morning help you set your perspective on earthly blessings for the day in light of this petition?

Forgive us our sins, not the ways we’ve incurred debt against him, but the ways we’ve tried and missed the mark. What are the ways you’ve tried and still fallen short?
In what way is it easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to forgive someone who has incurred debt against us? Harmed us?
Why does Jesus link forgiveness from God to our forgiveness of others? (Good Samaritan sermon)

James 1:13 is clear, Jesus doesn’t tempt. We ask for deliverance from Devil, World, Flesh. What DFW temptations are most difficult this week?
How has Jesus helped you overcome, or kept you from a DFW temptation this week?
Read Ephesians 6:10-18 focus on vs 18, how does Jesus equip you to fight these temptations, not on your own but with him?

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