Who is He? | Luke 9:1-50

April 28, 2024 • Pastor Kelly Huet

Who is he? So many were wondering. So many had their thoughts of who he was and yet so few really understood. Think about it, even today everyone has a comment on who he was. Some say he didn’t even exist, but is a legend from folklore. Some say he was a great moral teacher. Others say he was like God. Nearly every world religion and culture has a comment on how he fits into their body of belief. So with so many versions, how do we know who he was? Jesus’ identity is critical to his mission and message. We look at a much larger section to get a broad picture of how he first allowed his true identity to be known. His identity has serious impacts for you today.

Take time to prepare by reading Luke 9:1-50

What questions come to mind?
What stands out?
What do you learn about Jesus?
What do you learn about your own heart?

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