Focus on the Necessary | Luke 2:22-52

December 31, 2023 • Pastor Kelly Huet

As the year transitions from 2023 to 2024 it is a time of reflection and planning. Our study of Luke is also a transition from Jesus’ birth to youth and beyond. At the age of 12 Jesus already knew his mission and what was necessary for him to be about. As we make our plans for 2024 we learn from Jesus how to keep the Father at the center.

Looking for ways to help be about the Father?

  • Read Gospel of Luke as we study. 1/2 chapter a week. Read a story a day and the whole chapter once per week. Ask questions, Know What? So What? Now What?
  • Use the YouVersion Bible app ( to set up a reading plan for the next 30 days.
  • Follow – do the readings BEFORE you listen to the commentary
  • Reach out to Pastor Kelly for other suggestion.

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