Don’t take the bait | Luke 4:1-13

January 21, 2024 • Pastor Kelly Huet

You know the purpose of bait, don’t you? It’s to draw prey into a trap with the lure of some pleasure. Whether it is a worm on a hook, an article with a ‘clickbait’ title, or a situation you can’t seem to walk away from, traps seem to be all around us. Problem with bait is, it looks good, it sounds good, and leads to a trap every time. Satan is a master of setting traps and knows which bait is going to draw us into his trap. This weekend we see Satan, that old liar, take on Jesus with the lure of food, power, glory, and security, all without the need to suffer and die. What a temptation! Spoiler Alert: He didn’t give into the temptations, but conquered Satan, and gives us the power to walk away from temptation as well.

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