Proverbs | Pursuing the Path of Wisdom

About This Series

The most important thing we need for navigating life is wisdom. Unless we have wisdom, everything else in life won’t matter, work right, or point us in the right direction. One could say wisdom is “competence in regard to the complex realities of life. Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do in every situation in life, even where the moral rules don’t apply.”

Unfortunately, wisdom isn’t a simple skill to master. It isn’t a technique to learn or the right door to walk through. Wisdom is a path. A lifelong path of learning the best way to live life.

Fortunately, we don’t have to figure out which steps to take on our own. The book of Proverbs teaches us to know and trust God’s wisdom for navigating the complex realities of life. In this series you’ll learn the source of all wisdom, the principles of wisdom, and specific application to some of life’s most challenging realities.

Sermons in this Series

Proverbs Series

Proverbs 8 | The Path of Wisdom