The LORD Our Righteousness

December 4, 2022 • Pastor Kelly Huet

From the beginning, we have so often chosen to make our own standards of what is good and right. Our own codes of morality. No matter how well we might think that works, it won’t help us if it doesn’t line up with God’s standard of morality. We have fallen so far short and gotten so off track from that standard. Which created all kinds of damage in our lives and collateral damage in the lives of those around us. The influences we often listen to point us to live by our own codes of morality instead of God’s. That won’t help us.

But God, who loves us, had a way to give us his morality, his righteousness, as a gift. He also provided a way for us to be encouraged, influenced, & shepherded back to the life He offers us. He did that all through Jesus. The One promised to come.

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