Help, I Feel So Inadequate

May 7, 2023 • Pastor Kelly Huet

“Just do it.”

“The power is within you.”

“You have the power to rise above whatever is trying to keep you down.”

“Go out there and crush it you animal!”

Cliches like these are often what you’ll find online or in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble. But what happens when you have that gnawing feeling anyway, that feeling that growls, “I’m not enough”? This is the feeling of inadequacy. It’s especially prevalent in performance driven places where expectations are high and it can sometimes seem almost impossible to escape. It’s what happens when we are told over and over again by our culture that the only person we can truly rely on is ourselves. But what if that’s just not true? What if we can face our feelings of inadequacy, admit our absolute need for God’s help, and rely on Christ who gives us strength and makes us “enough”? Then even our inadequacy will result in God’s glory being displayed to others!

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