About Us

Peace changes everything.

Life is hard.

Peace feels like an impossible goal. But in a world of constant chasing and striving, peace is what our souls long for. At Prince of Peace, we believe that peace is what you've been looking for.

But it's not found in a set of new rules or agreements between governments. It's not a decision to let go or fight harder in our relationships. It's not about you doing you or following your heart.

True peace—peace that lasts forever—is a person. Jesus.

Come discover the kind of peace that will change your life.

About Us

What you'll learn at Prince of Peace.

God's Word - the Bible - is our source of peace. It's what we learn from, grow in, and base all other beliefs upon.

Meet Our Team


Kelly Huet

Hopefully over time we’ll sit down and chat and I'll hear your story and then share my own story. In the meantime, here’s a brief summary to give you a little background.

About Me…

My joy and passion is to help train and equip others to be Jesus in the community and to share Jesus with those around them. So I’m best described as one who is passionate about following Jesus and figuring out how to help others see Jesus and experience Him through His Word, unique worship, and community.

How did I end up at Prince of Peace?

God. I know this answer seems simple, but I was assigned out of the Seminary to St. Marcus, in Milwaukee to be their millennial outreach pastor. After six years of ministry in the inner-city of Milwaukee, and extensive training in multiplying missionaries, I was called to St. Andrew in Middleton, WI in August of 2015 to be their Pastor for Service & Outreach, AKA Resident Missionary. My heart has always been missions and outreach, so when Prince of Peace shared the vision of reaching one of the fastest growing communities in the country, it was hard to say no.

My Family

I married my best friend from college, Katie (nee Petermann), and we’ve been blessed with three children, Micah, Ellen and Zoe.

My training includes…

  • Martin Luther College, BA in Classical Languages
  • Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Masters of Divinity
  • Pastoral Leadership Institute, Missional Leader
  • University of Indiana School of Philanthropy – Lilly Foundation, Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising

Administrative Assistant

Coleen Reicherts

As the administrative assistant at Prince of Peace, I get to share my love for Jesus by keeping everybody organized! I love every minute of it!

I moved from Missouri to Texas in 1991 after college to begin a career as an automotive technician!  That wasn’t God’s plan for me. Shortly after moving here, I met a wonderful man from Iowa who in now my husband of 23 years.

I have two amazing daughters. Each one is a unique and precious gift to me. I am truly blessed!

My favorite Bible Passage is Philippians 4:13. “ I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” KJV